PLANE—SITE’s expertise in high-quality video production enables us to document RESEARCH initiatives and projects. These videos unfold the objectives, method and impact of research, while extending the project’s reach to an international audience.

Architect Louise Braverman believes that hyperloop technology can breathe new life into the liminal space of suburbia

In the Light and Matter studio led by Riccardo Blumer, students explore how light carves out the world around us

A look inside a research project that attempts to bring nighttime design to the Getsemani neighborhood of Cartagena, Colombia

Documenting research and delivery of housing units to LA’s homeless population by USC Architecture students with Homes for Hope

A conversation with artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer on the role of technology and art installations in public space

Contemporary concert halls are no longer the stuffy cultural institutions of the past

The perfect acoustical space can only be created in collaboration

Concert halls become city mascots, of course, but they should also act as an invitation

Culture goes beyond entertainment: it is woven into the fabric of a city’s identity, providing opportunities for social transformation

Concert halls resonate at multiple frequencies across different scales, reverberating from the body to the city