PLANE—SITE conducts and produces video INTERVIEWS with major influencers and opinion leaders in both architecture and the cultural field.

Co-curators of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018, Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, discuss their architectural vision for this edition’s theme, Freespace

Odile Decq talks about her legacy as a design rebel in her TIME SPACE EXISTENCE interview

For the TIME SPACE EXISTENCE series, conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth discusses his approach to creating meaning in space

In the TIME SPACE EXISTENCE series, Toshiko Mori discusses how to engage the past in architectural dialogue

Conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner shares his thoughts on the relationship between people and material objects, for the TIME SPACE EXISTENCE series

No architect embodies the themes of TIME SPACE EXISTENCE with greater aplomb than Daniel Libeskind

In the TIME SPACE EXISTENCE series, Moshe Safdie ponders the legacy of Habitat 67 and his many environmentally-ambitious unbuilt projects

Fumihiko Maki aims for a return of humanity to architecture, and discusses the themes of TIME SPACE EXISTENCE

Richard Meier discusses his bold, geometric buildings cast in luminous white, for TIME SPACE EXISTENCE

Kengo Kuma, for the TIME SPACE EXISTENCE series, speaks on the role of humility in architecture and his firm’s design philosophy of creating human, natural spaces

Tatiana Bilbao in her interview for TIME SPACE EXISTENCE, explains her studio’s emphasis on practicality before beauty and serving the needs of people

Arata Isozaki discusses his philosophy on architecture as it relates to space, as well as his intention to never fall into one specific style of design, for the TIME SPACE EXISTENCE series

Peter Eisenman reflects on his career and offers insight into the mercurial nature of architecture for TIME SPACE EXISTENCE

Denise Scott Brown contemplates her position as a role model and her campaign for equal treatment for women in architecture for our TIME SPACE EXISTENCE series

The ETH professor of architecture Dirk Hebel imagines, for the TIME SPACE EXISTENCE Exhibition, a future where building materials are grown and cultivated rather than mined

Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell talk about bringing sustainability and community to Singapore with their skyscrapers infused with plant life, in TIME SPACE EXISTENCE

Curtis Fentress speaks on humanizing public space and his work at Denver International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport, for the TIME SPACE EXISTENCE series

Alejandro Aravena, 2016 Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, asks how we can use design to add value, as the Director of the Venice Architecture Biennale