content comes in many shapes and forms

original stories unfold

your voice cuts through the noise

channels align with purpose

connected communities grow

mind your content


The means to shape future prospects.

Strategic thinking will strengthen your message with purpose and personality. PLANE–SITE helps you design a framework for the diffusion of original content, bringing you into the right discussion, platform and audience. We will work with you to implement an integrated strategy that ensures your content is efficiently generated, successfully received and carefully monitored.

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  • Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding Consulting
  • Business Development


Content is the medium and the message.

Quality content surpasses the reach of its medium. PLANE—SITE helps you tell a compelling story and awaken interest in your audience.

Drawing from an international network of established industry writers, researchers, designers, curators, architects and planners, we offer expertise when it comes to producing and disseminating knowledge. We articulate your ideas creatively into print, video, social media, web content, and offline happenings.

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  • Concept design
  • Digital platforms
  • Branding
  • Exhibitions
  • Research management
  • Social media campaigns
  • Sales & marketing materials


Make it happen.

The combination of responsible and creative management is key to delivering successful content. PLANE–SITE takes on complex projects that involve planning, coordination, time and cost management, supervision and optimization.

Keeping an eye on quality, we quickly adapt as projects evolve. Regardless of which stage, scope or channel, we develop tailored project plans and see them through until completion.

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  • Project management
  • Design management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Client representation


Content is only as relevant as the audience.

PLANE–SITE works with you to get your message across. By thoughtfully positioning your story, we can inspire meaningful conversations. We communicate ideas that showcase your core values and reach target audiences. Placing your content with influencers and locating collaborators and partners, we create a marketplace for your ideas.

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  • Public relations
  • Publications
  • Events, conferences & exhibitions
  • Media outreach

We are a global agency that works at the interface of urban form, cultural space and social life.

Content is a process that begins with the very first inception of an idea and evolves all the way to the analysis of its impact. We promote the selective exchange of ideas by offering full-cycle content consulting in the realm of the built environment and its users.

PLANE–SITE believes that sharing compelling stories about the built environment is how we inspire communities to innovate and progress. Quality content is the only way to cut through the congestion of the information age and deliver insight that interest audiences.

At PLANE–SITE we strive to create captivating narratives. We generate original content that provides organizations with perspective and context. Armed with the best medium and language, they can own their ideas and become intellectual agents.


Andres Ramirez

Andres investigates the semantics of cities. He has a weakness for hardcover books, which he purchases offline when he is not juggling online research proposals.

Solène Wolff

Digital entrepreneur and zealous biker, Solene Wolff champions sustainable responses to overcome urban challenges. Find her riding the wave of technological innovation in cities around the world.

Andrew Ghadimi

An unusual hybrid of architecture, marketing & real estate finance, Andrew manages full-cycle projects on a local & global scale. Andrew is a constant wanderer, always in motion.

Michael Waldrep

Michael is a filmmaker, photographer and researcher focused on architecture and city planning. Originally from California, he’s documented urban phenomena in South Africa, Bosnia, Singapore, Mexico and elsewhere.

Reini Backhaus

With her education in Cultural Studies, Reini perfected handling various tasks rather than specializing in a single field. When she’s not managing the office, you’ll find her on the lanes: she is a champion bowler, an overall sports enthusiast, and cake lover.

Michael Maginness

Michael is an architectural designer and theorist. A would be archeologist gone astray, he seeks to excavate a critical understanding of the city from the urban artifact.

Lea Ouardi

With an education in metropolitan culture, architecture and urban design, Lea came to Berlin searching for sunshine and inspiration. Interested in the cultural conception of home and in the architecture of surveillance, she takes a strong sociological approach in her research.


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